Looks like a Dynaco ST-70 doesn't it?

Only the rusty chassis and cage remain-

The rest is a design by Robert Danielak using 8532 triodes for drivers, cap coupled to a paralleled pair of 1626 triodes for output tubes. Total power is around 1.5 watts. Sounds like much more in my room! Bob's design is elegantly simple and sounds very good, even considering the cheap parts I used! Ham-fest power transformer, salvaged caps and resistors, and a pair of Hammond 125E output transformers from my Zen-clone. Only the tubes and sockets were purchased from

The 1626s are low wattage, indirectly heated, octal triodes that are very reasonably priced. At under $4.00 a pop, you might be hard pressed to find a better deal in NOS tubes. The only better deal I know of are the 8532 tubes for less than a buck a piece. Neither of these tubes are that common, but you should be able to find them out there. I'm using a 5Y3 rectifier in my version. This amp is really an experiment in how much sound you can get for next to nothing. I would guess that you could build the whole amp for under $200.

I threw this thing together in a few evenings and have been listening to it ever since. I still have some things I would like to try. Parafeed might help out the cheap OPTs. I asked Bob if he had ever thought about fixed bias with this design. If I ever stop listening to it long enough, I'll try some of these mods, build a nice chassis for it, and maybe even use some better parts. ...I have been listening to a lot more music lately!

If you want a great low priced project, try'll like it!