James actually built a conventional Foreplay and liked it so much, he's now on revision #3. This one, a rebuild of the original, uses a Hammond chassis and some nice machined knobs from Welborne Labs. Lots of room to add things down the road.


Things you don't see until you flip it over include some 4 strand silver wire that he "painted on" the insulation,  the Anticipation Upgrade, a stepped attenuator, and 2.2uF Auricaps.  

You will notice the perfboards he used to hold everything in place. Take a look at the extension shaft for the selector switch. This cuts down on possible crosstalk between sources. I like the compact power supply and the fact that it is far away from the rest of the circuit.

Check out James' site to read more, including his impressions of the sonic changes he heard as he went through the upgrade path.

 James' site

James built a new one a very nice chassis fabricated by Horace Atkinson. Horace can supply these pre-drilled for your project if you like. See more of this one on his site.

Very nice work James and keep us posted on any updates.

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