John used a nice piece of copper and a "clamshell" of maple as the base for his Foreplay. He used a long bolt with a wingnut to hold everything together. This gives him easy access to the -50 to -20 Sweet Whispers, Anticipation Upgrade, HV RRSP (snubber), magnet wire, and Solen 2.2uF and 3.3uF (sub output). 

The jacks are mounted to minimize the lead lengths and he lined the interior with vinyl floor tile to help control resonance. I like the copper rivets and for those wondering about John's DIY interconnects-2 twisted pairs of teflon CAT5 counter spiraled around a core of foam (unknown plastic).  The plugs are  silver plated brass contact parts,  hollow center pin - around $2ea. from Mouser (#174-3300). 

John writes," Favorite tubes so far in my budget system (Discman, VCR, satellite inputs,
 Curcio driver ST-70, and a variety of speakers) are some Mullard 12au7
 (branded for Thomas Organ) close second is Sylvania 6189/12au7WA.  Have
also tried RCA black plate and Sylvania 5814, National and Tung Sol 5963,
Amperex ECC82, clear tops, GE - all pulls that test OK or better."

Great looking project and John has promised to give us a peak inside soon.

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