Kevin's version features:

 Sweet Whispers stepped attenuators, a nice Grayhill selector switch, 
Doc's 20.5 AWG magnet wire, Snubber with Mills wirewound resistors,


Single-Point-Ground (SPG), Auricap coupling capacitors,
Holco resistors,and gold pinned ceramic tube sockets.

Anticipation CCS upgrade(not shown in these photos)
Very nice workmanship and well planned layout.

Kevin also incorporated a tape monitor switch.
Check out his site to see the schematic  

 Kevin's site

 Here are some of Kevin's comments:

"On this Foreplay, I started with a lot of mods: magnet wire, sweet whispers,
holcos, auricaps, SPG, grayhill selector, better tube sockets.  I can't comment
on just the auricaps, but in comparison to the stock FP, this one was much
quieter and cleaner.  With the sweet whisper shunt mod, it got even quieter and
the bass response improved.  With the C4S, I got more base noise (even with the
volume off), but the overall sound improved - tighter bass, more holographic
sounding, wonderful percussion.  As for tubes, I've tried GE, Sylvania, RFT,
Tungsol, RCA Cleartops, and some Phillips.  The later 2 are the best.  The
Tungsols were the worst.  The stock GE 5814s were nice too.  The Phillips have
a bit more punch than the clear tops which are more rolled off at the top.

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